Do you want clear and radiant skin?

For beautiful skin, there is one golden rule to follow: every morning and evening, cleanse and moisturise your skin!

Cleanse: Your first reflex for a radiant complexion. This reflex clears the skin of all its accumulated impurities, such as sebum, dust, dead cells and the residue of cosmetics applied to the skin.

Why is this so important? Without this step, the skin becomes clogged up, resulting in spots and a dull and sallow complexion.

During the day, and even at night time, impurities appear on the skin. That is why it is necessary to cleanse the skin in the evening AND in the morning. Also, skin care which has not been properly cleansed have no impact whatsoever because they are unable to penetrate the skin properly! Finally, the skin becomes “exhausted” from having to cleanse itself which favours skin ageing and problems.

So Ladies, do not miss this key part of the day and all your gels, milks and lotions for impeccable skin!