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  • Natabiol


    Providing a proper nutrition for Mother and baby is an important concern for women in the age of conception, pregnant and breast feeding women.

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  • Osteosyl D3


    Calcium is an essential building component of the bone while vitamin D3 plays a key role in its absorption from the intestine. Once absorbed, calcium requires additional nutrients and cofactors to incorporate into bone tissue. OSTEOSYL D3® provides ideal amounts of magnesium, zinc and vitamin K necessary for proper calcium in the bones.

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  • Thermal Water Spray


    Basic treatment of the skin with warm water.

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  • Hematoferol


    Hematoferol-SR® provides an optimal dose of iron and folic acid necessary to restore iron deficiency and compensate all essential nutrients for the body to build up and maintain haemoglobin and red blood cells (RBCs) during pregnancy, pre-menopausal and post-menopausal stages.

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  • Super Vitamin B-Complex


    Vitamin B Complex consists of several Vitamin B’s that work well together to support energy metabolism and nervous system health. Each nutrient in the B Complex performs a unique role in maintaining proper metabolic functioning.

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  • Vitamin C+ Rosehip Chewable


    Vitamin C is probably what is considered nature’s most important nutrient. Vitamin C is essential, and because our bodies do not manufacture it, Vitamin C must be supplied by our diets. It is known to be Nature’s own detoxifier, anti-oxidant, and antihistamine.

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